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  • HERC Token

    HERC Token

  • Shubhneet chawla

    Shubhneet chawla

  • Lane Rettig

    Lane Rettig

    Decentralizing the world one opcode at a time. I now publish at https://www.etherean.org and https://www.applescotch.com.

  • KC Tam

    KC Tam

    Visit http://www.ledgertech.biz/kcarticles.html for all my works. Reach me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/ktam1/ or follow me @kctheservant in Twitter.

  • Aldred Benedict

    Aldred Benedict

    Dealing with blockchain and stuff

  • David Abimbola

    David Abimbola

    Problem solver.

  • Marcelle Lee

    Marcelle Lee

    Security researcher, educator and business owner in the field of cybersecurity. Advocate of diversity in tech. https://marcellelee.github.io

  • Heath Muchena

    Heath Muchena

    Founder @ decentralised.news | proudlyassociated.com | navigate-digital.com| blockpatrol.io

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