So far, our exercises taught us everything we need to make a full stack application. Everything’s been taught on Python. It’s amazing, I cannot believe how powerful Python is. All the libraries — all the tools — that I’ve yet to explore. I started making a list of things “to-do” — API’s I want to play with, NLTK, TKinter, sites I want to imitate, data I want to use, the list goes on and on. I feel like there is not enough time in the day. I feel like an explorer in Antartica or a kid in a candy shop. Things that get me very particularly excited:





AWS Free Tier (come on, it’s free!)

We are just about to pivot over to Javascript and mirror everything we have learned up to this point with JS. We would go a little bit deeper into the backend with JS. I’m already super excited about python. I feel a bit overwhelmed because I might fall in love with JS too! I’ve been making and deploying “micro-apps.” They’re miniature full-stack apps that allow me to play around with various API’s, work on Oauth, connecting to databases(my weakness). I call it my coding playground.



Software Engineer — Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Commercial Space

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