PostgreSQL Databases

So far, we’ve done front end and a little bit of backend. Today we are going to do databases. It’s amazing how much we are learning. It’s been a “tornado” (hah!) of information. The course moves so fast; everyday is a different language — “10 new concepts!” — “finish your exercises!” The bootcamp is kinda structured in a way where they throw A LOT of material at you and see what sticks. As the course goes on, we will reiterate and apply the same concepts (like for loops, computations, and templating) with different languages. Projects are going to force us to apply our knowledge. I haven’t had any time to step back and look at the big picture. Writing in a blog forces me to step back and reflect on what I’ve been learning.

I came into bootcamp with a fair amount of coding experience. I had been creating websites since I was a child. I did Parallax, a microcontroller language, in high school which led me on a team with $10,000 grant money from a program at MIT called InvenTeam. I played around with 3-D printing in 2007. In college, I experimented with Arduino boards and augmented reality in Processing.

To sum it up, I had ZERO experience with full stack web development. What’s a server? Server-side based language, what? Back-end, huh?

So, it’s really, really cool that I’m witnessing how the front-end connects to the back-end. And how I can grab data and store it in a database!

Software Engineer — Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Commercial Space

Software Engineer — Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and Commercial Space